Meet our spokesman

With as much time as Goody’s has spent down at the track, you can be sure that we’ve met quite a few race car drivers in our time. We couldn’t think of a better guy to represent what Goody’s stands for. He’s unstoppable. He’s legendary. He’s a crowd favorite. And he stands for passing a great tradition down to a new generation. Which, when you think of it, is exactly how so many folks are introduced to racing, and Goody’s, in the first place.

There’s pretty much only one guy we could be talking about, and that’s The King: Richard Petty.

Richard’s been the Goody’s spokesman since 1977 – the same year we became one of the first non-automotive sponsors of NASCAR. Of course, Richard had our fast-acting headache powders in his pocket long before that. He’s had more than his share of aches and pains over the years. And of course, as the greatest driver of all time, he knows more than a thing or two about being unstoppable.

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