How to take a powder

Let’s face it, Goody’s works incredibly fast because they’re powders, but that also means that they’re kind of different to take. There are three general approaches, but feel free to add your own personal touches.


The Dump & Chase

Probably the most popular technique. Open up the paper wrapper, fold it over, dump quickly on the back of your tongue and chase right down with your favorite drink. There, now that wasn’t so hard…


The Stir 'N Sip

A technique preferred by the less adventurous. Just mix your Goody’s into a glass of water, juice or soda. Then drink up.


The Tough Guy

This is how The King does it. Very simple. Open it, fold, dump on your tongue and swallow. Then, very casually continue whatever you were doing.


How to take a powder tips

  • The farther back on your tongue, the better.
  • Fold wrapper so all the powder leaves the wrapper at once.
  • Don’t inhale through your mouth with powder in there. It could get ugly.
  • Beginners generally need a bit of coaching. Be gentle with them.
  • Got a great technique? Shoot us an email and we may share it here