Fast-acting pain relief powder since 1932

Ever since Martin “Goody” Goodman created the original pain relief formula in 1932 and sold it in his North Carolina pharmacy, generations of hard workers have embraced our unique powder to stop pain fast for over 90 years.

From mill workers who found fast relief on the job during the 1930s to today’s busy hustlers, we know pain should never slow anyone down. That’s why Goody’s® fast-acting pain relief powders are formulated so you can GET TO GOOD without the wait.

Our Story

Putting Goody’s® On The Map 

In 1936, Thad Lewallen, Sr., a wholesale provider for Goodman, was rumored to have won the rights and formula to Goody's in a poker game.

He set Goody’s on a course for growth, placing our fast pain relief powder on the shelves of neighborhood pharmacies and into the hands of textile mill workers across the South.

Our unique powder quickly developed a loyal following and earned the nickname "production powder" because it helped workers push past pain fast to get the job done.

Since then, we’ve become the go-to, pain-relief solution passed down for generations.

Goodys In The Fast Lane Banner


Our reputation for speed runs deep. That’s why Goody’s became the first non-automotive sponsor of NASCAR in 1970.

In 1977, legendary racecar driver, Richard Petty cemented the power of our fast-acting powder by becoming Goody’s official spokesperson.

Our partnership with “The King” became one of the longest-running sponsor relationships in motorsports history.


Today, our mission is to provide fast pain relief to those who need it—whether they’re hitting the gym, chasing deadlines, or seeking their next adventure.

We’re dedicated to expanding our reach nationwide, so more people can GET TO GOODno matter what life throws their way.