How to Take Goody's

Let’s face it, Goody’s® Powders work fast.

You won’t be sidelined by pain and can handle whatever the day throws your way. But that also means that they’re kind of different to take, so take a look at the three general approaches below, but feel free to add your own personal touch.

The fill 'Er Up

Rip stick pack open, empty into a glass and fill 'er up with your favorite beverage. Then, drink up.

The triple T

Just tap the stick pack, tear it and tap it again. Pour into your favorite beverage or chase it down.

The mini-wing

Rip the top off, rip the end off and then pour it right out. You can pour it into your favorite beverage or chase it down. Done and done.

How to take a powder

  • The farther back on your tongue, the better.
  • Folding the wrapper helps all the powder leave the wrapper at once.
  • Don't inhale through your mouth with powder in there. It could get ugly.
  • Beginners generally need a bit of coaching. Be gentle with them.

Got a great technique? Contact us, and we may share it here.